A giant step (backward)


Consumers see spam as a sign of disrespect and dishonesty. It’s not about privacy, it’s about taking something from me (my attention, my time) without costing your company a cent.

People do business with people they like and have met. Its networking 101, if you sell your idea to me in person and then send your proposal to me later, it’s easier for me to know what the proposal is all about. Cold calling or sending spam emails tends to be too generic, impersonal and cold and the reason why we filter spam emails directly to the trash folder.

It’s about personally putting the face to the name, it’s about talking to and customising your proposal to the specific needs and circumstances of the customer, it’s about creating relationships. This way the customer feels special, appreciated and understood.

NO legitimate business uses spam as a tool for long. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling diamond mines, weight loss tools, penis surgery or refrigerator dehumidifiers, spam is going to take your brand down.

Don’t disturb strangers with your message rather speak to people who want to listen to you.

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