Here is the thing, the recession? Is a forever recession. There is a cyclical recession that comes and goes, but there is this other thing and it is the end of the industrial age. It lasted for 80 years. For 80 years you got a job, you do what you were told and you retired. Good people could make above average pay for average work and that era ended. So 2014 and other comings years is not going to be more of the same, it is going to be worse of the same in that the industrial age is going to fade and a new thing will replace it.

We are totally unprepared for the new revolution because our schools, our systems, our retirement things, our taxes are built around this notion of doing what you are told and now we don’t know what to do because its a revolution. What should we do now knowing that this revolution is upon us?

Pick yourself, don’t wait for someone to pick you. If you have written a book, you don’t need a publisher to pick you, you can publish it yourself. If you want to write, write. If you want to sing, sing. If you want to start a movement, start a movement.

This shift doesn’t matter whether you own a building or own a big company, you can now make an impact if you want to.

This thinking that the government owes you a job has not changed at all because we grew up to believe that this notion of you pay your taxes and you do what you are told and there is a job, a safety net and the promise of a pension is hardwired in us, from the beginning of the industrial age, from Henry Ford, to our grandparents and parents have built it into this system and now its starting to crumble and the jobs are no longer available. If you say I’m average guy who does an average work, company bosses will find someone cheaper, or a machine that can do your job cheaper, its a race to the bottom.

The race to the bottom is how do we get it cheaper, how do we make everything cheaper, more big wholesalers and retailers who can give us more discounts, how can we get more stuff made by people who get paid less wages from cheaper materials, cheaper services etc. The problem with the race to the bottom is that you might win, and end up at the bottom.

The thing with capitalism is that it always needed boundaries. If you have people racing, if the boundaries get loosened, they are going to race faster. The alternative which is much more interesting is the race to the top. Some people are going to race to the top because globalisation, the internet and this revolutionary connection engine that we are living in says if you can figure out how to do something interesting, or unique, or noteworthy, people will find you and will pay you extra because you are not like everyone else and cheaper but you are different than everyone else and a bit more expensive.

The record business was perfect in the 1970s, everything about it was perfect until the late 90s. Artists still make business, and more people still listen to music, but the industry of the record albums is gone.

Most industries are going to have to adapt to the revolution. They are going to have to choose that they are like everyone else and cheaper or that they are the only one.

Lets be honest, there are lot of jobs that are not going to go away. People still have to go to the factory and work at the assembly-lane, people have to go work in mines. Somebody has to do those jobs, but it doesn’t have to be you, does it?

The big question for me is where are all those people who are raising their hands saying, I want to write for you, I want to connect with you, I want to lead this group.

If you look that this things that has been happening in 2011 the Occupy Movement (Occupy Wall Street) is that 24 year olds, with no money, stood up and said follow me, not all of them just a few. We can replicate this movement into other things that we care about.

The industrial age has instilled fear in us, it has created the notion that to be stable and safe we need to get a job.

I understand that about 4500 employees at Blackberry will lose their jobs, all them have done what they were told to do at their jobs, they followed instructions, did their average jobs and they all lost their jobs. A lot of companies are shedding jobs in huge numbers.

Stability is not stable anymore.

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