Who will miss you?

Miss You
Unfortunately small businesses have been brainwashed into thinking that they should fit in.

That they should be like big businesses but smaller.

They should be like their competitors but in a different neighbourhood but that’s just not working anymore.

The real question to ask small businesses is if you went out of business, who will miss you? And if your answer is only people who will walk three stores to get to your store, that’s not a good answer.

The idea of being missed, of being part of an important part of someone’s day, of someone’s business or someone’s life is not easy to accomplish and you are not going to accomplish it by making what the big companies make but charging lesser.

You are going to accomplish it because you connect and touch people, because you are generous, because you make change, because there is something about what you do and how you do it that people really connect with.

If you can’t do that you will be struggling for years, but if you can do it you are going to discover that there is a line at your door of people who want to be touched by you, who want to be connected because that’s a basic human need.

Who will miss you? If your business will not be missed, then your business does not matter.


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