Thank You
As the year 2013 comes to an end, I would like to express my gratitude to the people who have contributed to my development and growth this year. As an entrepreneur, it was never an easy year both personally and business-wise, certain difficult decisions had to be made, some life changing decisions, some brave decisions and some decisions difficult to implement.

Over 6000 people have visited my blog since August 2013, I really appreciate your visits and humbled by your contributions. I have learned and grown through your inputs. My wish for 2014 is for growth for you in your personal and entrepreneurship endeavours.

Like Seth Godin says: Lets go ahead and make something for the elites. Not the elites of class or wealth, but the elites of curiosity, passion and taste.

Thank you for everything you do. Most important, thanks for living your dreams out loud, bringing generosity, insight and wonder to the work you do.

Thank you, Dankie, Ngiyathokoza, Ke a leboga, Siyabonga, Inkomu, Ndo livhuwa, livhuwa, Enkosi, Ngiyabonga

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