Entrepreneur vs. Small Business Manager: Which one are you?

Growing up, the word entrepreneurship was hardly used, it is one word that is more prominently used now than ever before.

The difference between entrepreneurship and small business management is fairly silent. The two words are always used interchangeably. My intention is not go in detail into the meaning of each word, but to focus on one main difference between the two.

Entrepreneurship includes small business management, but small business management does not necessarily includes entrepreneurship

A number of entrepreneurs start their businesses small, which makes them small business managers, but their intention is to grow their businesses and capture other markets, be innovative and add value to their customers.

Small business managers are focused on running and maintaining their businesses. Growth is not the main feature of their business. Even though they may have intentions to grow, they hardly embark on growth activities.

A lot start their businesses, but very few grow them.

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