Don’t drink your own Kool-Aid

Startups are hot again. I have family members and friends asking if they can “get in on some deals,” every town is launching an incubator (or 3) and the papers are filled with stories of fund raisings, product launches & new innovation.

If you’re one of the anointed few who is getting the adoration of the press, family and friends, investors and employees, enjoy the moment and capitalise on the momentum but stay grounded.

On Kool Aid:

I want to talk about Kool Aid. Yours. Don’t drink it. I know you’re thinking that you have your head on straight but I promise you the experience of finding yourself in this wind-whirl will leave any first time entrepreneur spinning.

Fame and adoration corrupts first timers. And if you’re not careful you might start to believe your own hype.

One thought on “Don’t drink your own Kool-Aid

  1. Mmoni Faith Talane says:

    I hear you Roche, but I just couldn’t help but imagine the former little me, all eyes on me in my pink dress( with even pinker frills), holding my pink and white cake, baloons and happy smiles everywhere, cameras clicking at every turn I make and in the end, I must stay the same. Yes I musn’t eat the whole cake but can’t I have just a little bit of it, with some little bit of Kool-Aid as well?

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