I don’t love you because of what you do. I love you. I’m committed. Now that this is settled, what are you going to do?

Love is a commitment to a person, not to that’s person behavior. This commitment to the bumpy journey is stressful for people raised in an industrial economy, where everything appears to be for sale, where good marks and feedback and sales and salary increases and job security and Twitter followers are driven by the quid pro quo of “do this/get that.”

But if you are going to be loved anyway, your behavior doesn’t have to be driven by your yearning for an outcome, it can be driven by something deeper.

And this prospect is scary, because it means you can’t measure the outcome while you’re planning and executing your innovative work, and it requires you to commit to your actions, separate from any attachment you might have to what might happen next.

Innovation is a commitment to a process and to a direction and to generosity, not to a result. When we make innovation without attachment, we are approaching god-like work.

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