water-magazine (1)
If you want see that hospitals are a product of the industrial era you will see how adverts are placed all over the place. There posters almost everywhere. I saw a magazine on water, a 200 page magazine on water. Water! Half the magazine is adverts, and yes you guessed right, adverts on water.

Five things about hospitals and the industrial era:

1. Everything was invented and designed to be average – average products for average people. In the Startup Revoltuion, we need to get away from that mindset to create services and products that get noticed. That stand out.

2. If we are just like everyone else, it’s not surprising that consumers are driven by price. Find a way to showcase the things that make your business stand out amongst the competition.

3. Treat different people differently; four important words to live by.

4. Step away from the industrial mindset, and make your marketing human. Social media and the new economy we live in doesn’t reward stock photos and billboards and magazines on water.

5. My favourite Seth Godin quote “Don’t strive to be heard when you’re here. Instead, strive to be missed when you’re not.”

The funny thing about hospitals (like airports) is you hardly get to see the CEO walking around.

Change your mindset and differentiate your organisation from the competition.

Competence is no longer a scarce commodity, so what are you doing to make your organization matter to consumers?

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