Where are the optimists?


A quick look at just about any news source covering the business world and you’re likely to be either frightened or depressed. Seems like everyone is a crook. What are these people thinking? African Bank, Fidentia, Leeman Brothers, Eurozone debt crisis, sub-prime mortgage crisis, Occupy Wall Street, Is capitalism doomed? Do we need a new system? Do we need to go back to socialism? 

Me, I’m betting on small companies.

Small companies are where the people doing the work are also making the decisions. I’m endlessly optimistic about the capacity for human beings to make money solving each others’ problems.

It’s only when we create a new sort of royalty, an unelected ruling class, that these companies seem to get into trouble.

Can’t wait to see the new stuff that’s getting invented in someone’s garage right now!


Ps: Capitalism fails to acknowledge that life is social and socialism fails to acknowledge that life is private.

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