Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014: What Is Your Revolution?

As part of the GEW2014, I would like to invite five (5) businesses that I will show-case on my blog page and share it with other entrepreneurs. I will post a business a day for a week as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The following are the qualifying criteria:

– What are your products/services?

– What is innovative about your business? (What makes your business revolutionary);

– How long have you been running this business? (must be at least one year in operation);

– Who is your target market?;

– How can people contact you? (contact number, physical and email address); and

– Send photos of your products/services and logo of your business.

Email your motivation by answering the above questions (max 200 words per answer per question) to: as soon as possible (closing date 14 November 2014 at 14h00).

Only 5 innovative businesses will be show-cased on from 17 to 21 November. The blog has just over 250 worldwide readers and entrepreneurs each day.


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