GEW2014 Wednesday: The Long Game Of Generosity

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We have a shortage in generosity to be patient and play the longer game. We have a shortage of the generosity to not believe “the thing we have happens to be the greatest and everyone better buy it.” Customers don’t have to buy from us, they don’t us to buy from us.

It would seem like patience and generosity and the nerve to not drink our own Kool-Aid are three big business traits that entrepreneurs lack.

But if you and I are in business with the expectation of overnight success, we can forget. It’s one of the myth’s of entrepreneurship.

Hard work, time and consistency and compound effect are the roads that leads to Mt. Success.

But even more insightful is the belief in the power of generosity and to stop tooting our own horn. More insight is of giving, with zero expectation of reciprocation.

Is this hard to do? Yes. It takes courage to give and not expect something in return from people. Tough stuff. The ‘me, me, me’ child screams out from within in protest.

It took Apple more than twenty years to become an overnight success. So the goal along the way is to be able to make just barely enough money today so you can be even more generous tomorrow. The opportunities to cash in at every step of the journey are always there, but resist them.

The game is how can I be more trusted and more of service? The end. Not “then I will get something later.”

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