Do the (extra) work


Do the extra work not because you have to but because it’s a privilege.

Get in early.

Sweep the floor without being asked.

Especially when it’s not your turn.

Not because you want credit or reward. Because you can.

The industrialist wants to suck everything out of you. Doing extra work as a cog in an industrial system is a fool’s errand.

For the rest of us, the artist and the freelancer and the creator, we know that the privilege of doing the extra work is the work itself.

If doing extra work is a burden for you, then you are a cog in an industrial world. If doing extra work is a pleasure for you, then you are doing passion.

If its work, people want to do less of it, but if its art and passion, people want to do more of it. 

You don’t convince an artist to paint an extra masterpiece, she does it because she wants to, not because she has to.

The habit of doing more than is necessary can only be earned through practice. And the habit is priceless.


About Roche Mamabolo

Entrepreneur, Author, Dad. Passionate about Innovation and Creativity, Books, Poetry, Traveling, Theatre, Art, Music.
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2 Responses to Do the (extra) work

  1. I figured out that it gets even better when the work is not pending supervision and approval from seniors, directors etc. As long as the work is done in accordance to someone’s taste buds and liking, then it will never be a solemn masterpiece

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