The Factory Job is Dead: Description of the Factory


“Factory” is a loaded term. It brings to mind car assembly lines or sweatshops. I’m talking about something much broader than that.

The insurance company head office in Centurion (south of Pretoria) is a factory, and so is the government department near you. Each McDonalds franchise is quiet deliberately set up as a factory, and so is that non-profit distributor that processes clothes to be sent overseas to raise money for a good cause.

I define a factory as an organisation that has figured it out, a place where people go to do what they are told and earn a salary.

I define an office building, a school and any other standardised-follow-a-particular-pattern setup as a factory. Blue-collar or white-collar, it is still a factory job.

Factories have been the backbone of our economy for more than a century, and without them we wouldn’t have the prosperity we have today.

That doesn’t mean you want to work in one.

We moved from factory set-up with heavy duty machines, to factory set-up with computers and desks and we say we are white collar workers in offices. However both set-up are the same, they are factories.



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