Thinking Backwards: Patience is for the Impatient


When you are getting your business started and you are struggling to make cash and your in-laws are starting to look at you with funny faces (wondering if they daughter should have been to you), or you are not sure if you will be able to pay the rent this month, you don’t even know why you are still living in the posh suburbs in Sandton to begin with and you start thinking of moving back home to Alexandra township.

It’s easy when you are under such pressure to say: You know what, I need to move this business faster and faster and get more clients, small clients, any clients, to pick more scraps (clients not worth your while). Sometimes what that does is that it gives you the ability to start small, make some cash, grow and get to the next level.

But sometimes what that does is it makes you a scrap collector (always collecting small clients) and not really growing.

One of the things I see when I look at the work of people who have put really big ideas out there, who have built amazing businesses, is that they got to be where they are by being patiently impatient or impatiently patient whichever way you want to juxtapose it.

If you look around at the books you read, the blogs you read or the people you respect in business or organisations you want to work with, you realise that:

The myth of the overnight success is just that, a myth.

The recently listed twitter was once a failure, a complete failure for two years. Nobody used it, not many people knew it. If the founders of Twitter took the mindset of: if it doesn’t work in two weeks, we will have to look at doing something else, we would have never heard of twitter.

Companies would not be built if founders said that if it doesn’t work in two weeks we should go do something else.

It takes perseverance to succeed. Rome was not built in one day, but it was built nevertheless.

Patience is also a form of action.


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