Thinking Backwards: Great Entrepreneurs have Great Clients 

It is the other way around. Having great clients makes you a great entrepreneur. Great entrepreneurs would not be great without their clients.

Find clients that provide you with the platform for you to become a great entrepreneur.

Ask yourself:

– How much of your day is spent working to get better clients versus pleasing the clients you already got?

– Is pleasing the clients you already got the best way to get better clients?

– Is a better client someone who merely pays your more? or are you selling your soul, selling out your career by taking a client that is not taking you to the next level versus choosing a client that will give you the platform you want to build your business on.

– Is finding the client that provides you with the platform for you to become a great entrepreneur what you should be looking for?
If you reserve your best effort for the irritable boss, the never-pleased client and the bully of a customer, then you have sold your soul, then you have bought into a system that rewards the very people who are driving you nuts. It’s no wonder you have clients like that, they get your best work.

On the other hand, when you make it clear (and then deliver) on the promise that your best work goes to those that are clear, respectful and patient, you become a specialist in having customers just like that.

One of the largest turning points of my career was firing the client who accounted for a third of my company’s work. We were becoming really good at tolerating the stress that came from this engagement, and it became clear to me that we were about to sign up for a lifetime of clients like that.

Set free to work for those that we believed deserved our best work, we replaced the lost business in less than six months.

No, you can’t always fire those that are imperious or bullies. But yes, you can figure out how to dig even deeper for those that are not. That means you won’t take advantage of their good nature, or settle for giving them merely what they will accept.

Instead, you treat the good customers with even more effort and care and grace than you ever would have exerted for the tyrants. Great clients get client entrepreneurs.

The word will spread.


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