Design That Matters: Press The Refresh Button


People are generally too busy to pay attention to your brand all the time. There are too many things that seeks the customer’s attention and too little time.

How many billboards did you pass today on your way to the airport, how many adverts did you see on TV today, I’m sure you saw many. How many of them can you remember? I bet very little.

People today have too many things seeking their attention, but very little time. We have increased the things that seeks our attention, but have not increased the 24 hours in a day.

In the case where there is limited time and too many things to pay attention to, what the customer naturally does is: To ignore stuff.

In order to be relevant, you need to constantly be entering the customer’s mind space and maintaining top-of-mind status. What you need to do is refresh your brand and make people notice you.

Coca-Cola is a good example because it has continuously refreshed its message from “Live on the Coke Side” to the “Open Happiness” campaign, today they print your name on the bottles.



Same product, different design message

Nandos has been able to remain relevant through its catchy and relevant messages.



Same product, different design message

Always refresh your design message.


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