Fit In or Stand Out: The Courage To Stand Out

Be Yourself

“You can either fit in or stand out. Not both.”-  Seth Godin.

When I first started in business. I desperately wanted to fit in. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur but it was so unfamiliar being in business for myself. I copied a mentor’s blue print for success.

I didn’t have the courage to stand out. For ages I tried to light a fire with wet wood.

I paddled upstream. I got tired and lost direction.

The quote from Seth Godin comes back to courage. From my experience, I listened and connected to my fears. Standing out was scary. I was flipping scared of some one asking me a question I didn’t know the answer too.

I was scared of standing out and putting myself “out there”.

I imagined, angry people, knocking on my door demanding I stop being an embarrassment and go back to the status quo.

I listened to my fears.

My ego lead me to believe it was scary and life threatening to “stand out”

My ego wanted me to stay stuck.

My ego wanted me not to make any drastic changes.

I had believed in my fears that I was anticipating someone co tell me off and say “Kerry, you can’t stand out.”

I have been conditioned to fit in.

All my life, I have been conditioned to fit in.

Maintain the status quo, do as you are told, fit in.

This was my hell. This was my lowest low and through this experience messy life and failed business, I found my authentic self.

The Latin word for courage is Heart.

I believe, you need to be connected to your heart to be able to stand out. Without heart, you will believe in your fears. Without heart, your fears will lead you to fit in, give in, and return to the status quo.

Seth Godin is right. It takes courage to stand out. It takes courage to be the man who walks onto the arena. It takes courage to light your own campfire and send out your unique smoke signal.

It takes courage to stand out and hold the space for your first followers, or customers to recognise your unique smoke signal.

It takes heart to share your message. Stand out and hold that space for your tribe. Your tribe needs to hear your message from you. Find your courage, because you need courage to stand out.


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