The Purple Cow: Dr Malinga, Lady Gaga and Toyota Prius


Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is purchased by people who are environmentally conscious and want to show everyone in their neighborhoods to think that they are environmentally conscious. The Freakonomics guys call it “conspicuous conservation”, signaling to others a specific emotion to feel about the vehicle they drive.  Whether you like it or not, buying a Prius says unlike everyone you are environmentally conscious and this makes the car to stand out from the rest.

Dr Malinga and Lady Gaga


It’s hard not to notice Lady Gaga, especially when she shows up to receive awards wearing a dress made of meat! Lady Gaga is a prime example of a purple cow, after all how could you forget her? Lady Gaga is remarkable, she is worth making a remark about.


Dr Malinga is another example a purple cow. His wears differently, he dances differently, whether you like his songs or not is debatable. Dr Malinga is worth making a remark about.

It is important that you are not different for the sake of being different but you are different because it is better.


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