The Purple Cow: Symphony Orchestra vs House vs Hip Hop

Black Coffee’s Africa Rising

Mixing house music and Orchestra has hardly done. Black Coffee’s live project Africa Rising which was recorded with a live symphonic orchestra is an extraordinary purple cow.

There are few people who have the ability to make seamless music crossovers and Black Coffee is one of them.

Filmed in Durban at the Moses Mabhida stadium, a lot of effort was put in to show us how he adds some sound effects by twisting this knob or pressing that button. Adding to the fun is the 24-piece orchestra, live percussion and keys.

Africa Rising concert is worth marking a remark about.  It stands out, its a purple cow.

Kanye West’s Late Orchestration


Kanye West is an ambitious thinker. Fortunately, he has an ego roughly the size of Jupiter to match such thoughts. While Kanye may be one of the most controversial rapper in the business, he’s certainly the boldest. Of course, boldness oftentimes breeds vanity.

Mixing hip hop and orchestra is an ambitious project. Its top-notch. Brass, woodwinds, strings, the whole package. Who would have thought that hip-hop could be so beautiful? Kanye’s Late Orchestration is another example of pushing the boundaries. This, of course, is yet another fantastic example of brilliant intuitive vision.  

Late Orchestration is worth making a remark about. It’s a purple cow.

It is important to develop products, services, and techniques that the market will actually seek out. To design a product that is remarkable enough to attract the early adopters, but is flexible enough and attractive enough that those adopters will have an easy time spreading the idea.


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