Africa’s Young Misfits: Mohamed Ali

In urban hubs like Mogadishu, says Mohamed Ali, we are losing our brightest minds to terrorism and violence. Why not channel the energy of ambitious and eager young people toward innovation instead of destruction?

Ali is doing his part to make this dream a reality. He is the Executive Director of the Iftiin Foundation, an organisation that builds and supports young entrepreneurs to encourage a culture of change and innovation in Somalia and other post-conflict countries.

Ali believes these untapped youths can become figures of hope for their communities and ultimately promote peace and stability in the region.

Ali is a founding member of End Famine, a campaign founded in 2011 aimed at promoting food security and eradicating famine worldwide, starting with the Horn of Africa. Ali has a law degree from Boston College Law School.

Mr. Ali was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, where he spent his childhood before he and his family were displaced as a result of civil war. He eventually moved to the United States where he demonstrated a passion and commitment to assisting refugees and displaced populations.

Mr. Ali put himself through law school so he could advocate for the legal and human rights of refugee populations, particularly immigrant and refugee populations from East Africa. During his work in human rights sector,

Mr. Ali came to realise the important link between human rights and development and that economic and social development provides the basis for the general attainment of human rights. This belief was strengthened during the devastating 2011 famine in Somalia.



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