When In Doubt, Tell the truth

The Truth

Tell the truth. but first, of course, you have to be able to see the truth.

This takes experience and expertise and, most of all, a willingness to look.

Most people who see the truth refuse to acknowledge it. We can notice an unhappy customer, a shoddy product or a dying industry, but we don’t want to be aware of it.

Our attachment is to a future that looks like the past, and so we ignore the data or diminish its importance. We don’t mean to lie; we are just in denial.

The music industry refused to acknowledge that itunes will revolutionise how music is consumed, Xerox refused to appreciate the potential impact that smartphones cameras will have on their industry. Traditional brick and mortar bookstores refuses to acknowledge the likely impact that ebooks will have on their business model etc.

Those who can see the truth often hesitate to speak up. We don’t want to upset the status quo. We fear the wrath of our peers if we call the emperor naked. This is not the time to be a team player; it’s the chance to be an artist.

Smart entrepreneurs seek out people with the ability to see the world as it actually is. But that skill is worthless if you don’t acknowledge the truth and share it.

It’s human nature to defend our worldview, to construct a narrative that protects us from uncomfortable confessions.

Tell the truth and do something about it before your business sinks in a sea of denialism and lies.

You can handle the truth.


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