Consumer vs Producer Mindset: Make Something, Buy Nothing


You start to produce as you add value to the world. You need to keep adding skills to you toolbox and to also look for ways to contribute more. If you are always looking to add value, it is hard to fall back into consumer mode.

Focus on finding ways to help your community, your job or business, and your family, and you will find yourself less likely to consume.

When you are busy producing, you have less time consuming. Spend more time producing. Be busy.

A typical example of idle time resulting in more consuming is: During school holidays, parents complain that grocery at home depletes quickly because kids are spending more time at home idling, playing games and eating.

One of the reasons it’s important to train kids to have extra-mural activities or vacation jobs, is so that they are kept busy producing than consuming.

Keeping busy adding value will keep you from getting bored. A lot of people consume things because they are bored and not sure what to do next. Don’t let this happen to you.

Always have a few projects that you are working on, and keep moving towards your dreams. Find ways to add value to others’ lives, and you will be more likely to produce than consume.


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