Creating Elites: What Is Needed to Create the Elite?


Reacting is based on instinct and intuition. Responding requires thoughtfulness. Initiating comes from imagination.

An atmosphere where people initiate can only come from a place where dreaming is encouraged.

People who start and lead elite groups imagine a world that they would like to be a part of, a world worth fighting for.

With this vision and all the emotion that gets stirred up in the heart, the leader begins to initiate.

They see the issue or challenge that not everyone else sees and lead people to do something about it that was not done before.

Passion sparks initiative, a tremendous focus, belief, desire, and drive. When a friend lost his child, he initiated a movement that has made a huge difference. (Elite movement are concerned with doing work that matters). Parents who lose children are passionate about their causes.

Initiating is the kicking off or the sparking of possibility. It is beginning, birth, life, potential. It does not always begin with a bang. Initiate small things and the courage to initiate large things will follow.

Start small. Get up every morning and initiate something. Hand your neighbour his letters and say good morning. Pay the toll fee for the driver behind you. Post a comment to the wall of someone you do not know. Invite someone you do not know to lunch, then to an event. That is initiating. That habit will grow in you until you cannot imagine not initiating. It will become your mantra, your passion, your message.

Finally, initiating requires a willingness to look foolish, stupid, or uninformed. To initiate great things, you must truly not give a damn about what people think about you.


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