Creating Elites: Why Do People Become Elites?


We all have a basic need to connect with other human beings.

Making friends, connecting with others, sharing experiences, keeping up with popular culture, and keeping up with current trends and developments in your community all are ways and reasons for connecting with other people.

When you connect with others in a fashion that allows you to develop a relationship that is especially useful, these long-term connections can be very helpful in guiding you through your life, as well as aid you in feeling happy.

The following are some of the types of more specific motivations for joining tribes:

• Purely Social: To feel less alone and to connect with people (near or far) to pursue shared interests.

• Values + Social: To connect with others who share the same values in a social setting.

• Cultural + Social: To share experiences with natives of the same country, to speak the shared language and observe cultural traditions together.

• Business + Social: To develop relationships with others in the same industry or expand network into other industries/markets.


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