Creating Elites: Examples of Elite Leaders


The following leaders come from many different countries, eras, and fields of endeavor. What they have in common is that they all created elites that had a much larger impact than any single individual, or even organisation, could accomplish on their own.

• Nelson Mandela: At the price of great personal suffering, he helped both black and white South Africans envision and then achieve a land without apartheid. And without bitterness.

• Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Her writings has raised issues affecting Africans and women and she has been able to influence people to think positively about the future of the continent.

• Walt Disney: He had immense vision and stuck to his core values, redefining the way the world consumes (and thinks about) entertainment.

• Bob Marley: he didn’t invent the Rastafarians but he certainly led them.

• Winston Churchill: He mobilised a very scared island (and eventually, the world) to stand up and fight the Nazis, even though he promised nothing but “blood, toil, tears, and sweat.”

• Imtiaz Sooliman: Through Gift of the Givers, He mobilised people and volunteers to be concerned about humanitarian work in countries going disasters. He did work that matters and most people and organisations support him.

• Martin Luther King, Jr.: He created elites that brought people together across racial lines to effect non-violent change, at a time when few thought such a thing possible.


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