A very close friend shared this amazing video clip about fear on my facebook wall. Are fears our friends or do they just worsen our existence?

It’s a double edge sword, on the one hand, fear of being hit by an oncoming bus keeps away from danger and alive, but on the other hand, fear of achieving great things, keeps us in prison away from our achievements.

Most of the things we avoid are avoided because we are afraid of being afraid.

Too meta?

Sorry, but it’s true. The negative outcomes that could actually occur due to speaking up in class, caring about our work product, interacting with the boss, there’s not a lot of measurable risk. But the fear… the fear can be debilitating, or at the very least, distasteful. So it’s easier to just avoid it altogether.

On the other hand, artists and leaders seek out that feeling. They push themselves to the edge, to the place where the fear lives. By feeling it, by exposing themselves to the resistance, they become more alive and do work that they’re most proud of.

The fear doesn’t care, either way. The choice is to spend our time avoiding that fear or embracing it.

As long as you will still be alive, embrace fear, open the door and welcome it, because it is when you feel your fear that you know you are on to something worthwhile.

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