The Introvert Entrepreneur: Unite Individually


There are times when, as much as we love our business or our work, that we feel like the wind has gone out of our sails, the joy and passion for our business has faded.

It might be caused by a specific incident, or it could be the result of general feelings of fatigue and stress. Whatever it is, the journey feels like a slog. You are moving at snail pace.

I have experienced this at various times, and it’s never fun. It doesn’t cause me to second-guess my path, but it does force the question of what I’m doing or rather, not doing to take care of myself.

I am an introvert before I’m an entrepreneur. Being an introvert came before entrepreneurship, and it will remain with me when, someday, I move on to a new adventure. Therefore, honoring that part of myself is paramount.

You might say, “Well, isn’t that obvious?

It is. and, sometimes I forget to practice what I preach.

I need a place to just be ME, even if others choose to use that place for business purposes. I need a place to write my dog/ideas/flower/random thoughts and pictures. I want to be able to post, share, and like without thinking about how it aligns with my business strategy. It’s healthy to have an outlet where there are no expectations, no agenda… where the only objective is seeing and being seen.

Just as important, I need a place to express myself where I have NO concerns about how many likes, shares, or comments I receive. Stats don’t matter; all that matters is whether or not spending time there brings me joy.

In short, I need places to be a true introvert, not an introvert entrepreneur.

So do you.

Not everything has to be about your business. Choose those places or platforms where showing up as an entrepreneur is the best use of your time and energy. And just as intentionally, choose those places where you want to show up without your professional status being front and center.

Give yourself permission to let go of trying to insert your business everywhere.

Just because you are a leader and have certain savvy, you don’t have to offer it up or constantly play a particular role. Allow yourself to be a participant, to be a natural introvert. To observe, listen, come and go, speak when you have something to say, but otherwise be present and alert.

It’s important to have those oases, away from your business, where you can turn off the “entrepreneur” and turn on the “introvert.” It’s like you’re opening up the windows and letting fresh air flow in.

The truth is, by nature, you will always be looking through an entrepreneur lens. But if you want to stay energised and minimise the funky low spots, you will make sure you are looking through your healthy introvert lens first.

As an introverted entrepreneur, its important to unite, individually… More often.

If you are too busy trying to make everyone else happy, you lose time for yourself. You need time to recoup and regroup, or you will end up depleted, dysfunctional, moody, unhappy, and hard to be around. Take some ‘me’ time, without any guilt.


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