An Interview I did with Oyara Enterprises Incorporated #Entrepreneurship


Oyara Enterprises Incorporated (referred to as Oyara) is an Entrepreneurial and people development company which:1) Manages SME development funding, 2) Provides entrepreneurial and personal development training and 3) Business resources and tools to disadvantaged and vulnerable communities who need to gain economic independence and overcome poverty.

Below is a transcript of an interview I had with Oyara Enterprises Incorporated.

OYE: How long have you been mentoring?

RM:I have been in the entrepreneurship development space for 15 years now, I started a consulting business when I was at University. (I hope I’m not giving away my age:) I have been mentoring for 10 years.

OYE: Do you have a business of your own?

RM: I have a business consulting company (Radipolelo Entrepreneurship Consulting) where I assist entrepreneurs with various business related services. We started as an accounting practice but over time did more consulting services.
I’m also a business mentor with The Hope Factory for 16 months now.

OYE: How would you describe your mentoring style?

RM: Mentorship is about guiding, so I’m more consultative in my approach. An effective mentor is someone who understands that mentoring is more about the entrepreneur than it is about you (the mentor). I listen more than I talk. I share ideas and advice and give my mentee the freedom to choose which options/ideas they want to adopt. The idea of mentoring is to let the entrepreneur to grow (and make and learn from their mistakes) to an extent that they can operate on their own without a mentor. My role as an entrepreneur is to inspire them and show them their blind spots.

OYE: Do you have a mentor yourself? If yes, how have they influenced you?

RM: Yes I have a mentor. He has challenged me to understand that business is always changing. There is no stability in business and that it is pointless to look for security in being an entrepreneur. I also learned that you always have to be innovating and changing.

I Learned not to be afraid of failure. The more you fail, the closer you are to your desired destination, in other words, “fail yourself to success.” Lastly I learned not to be afraid of fear. Instead of suppressing fear, I learned to invite fear into my situation and dance with it, because it is when fear is around that you know that you are up to something good.

OYE: What do you do to constantly challenge the businesses you are mentoring?

RM: I read a lot, I observe a lot, I always listen to other entrepreneurs, I write a lot. I write at least one entrepreneurship blog article a day, everyday. (I blog during public holidays, weekends, Christmas and New Year). Writing has taught me structure my thoughts in business. Writing is a constant lesson in empathy and listening. Writing humbles me. An effective mentor is someone who empathises and listens more to his mentees. I research a lot, which means I get to learn about various business related aspects and trends.

OYE: Would you do anything different from business mentoring?

RM: Do more mentoring, no entrepreneur should go into business without a mentor.

OYE: How and where do you find inspiration to further inspire the businesses you are mentoring?

RM: The more I write, the more I’m inspired. I’m inspired to share whatever I have learned.

OYE: What business values are you committed to?

RM: Hard work, compassion and giving back.

OYE: How do you balance your work and home life?

RM: I don’t see my work as something I have to balance with my life. My work is my life. I love what I do that doing anything else is like not living. I spend a lot of time travelling, I love my two daughters and spending more time with them energises me. Personally I love live events be it music shows, stage theatre, live poetry, doing to the stadium to watch soccer, basically I love to experience people displaying their talent. I’m not a big fan of TV.

OYE: Do you have any books that you would suggest an entrepreneur must read?

RM: There are two things about read. Well three things:

– Read a lot

– Read broadly, read what a lot of people don’t usually read. If you read what everybody else is reading, you don’t have a competitive advantage.

– Read books that challenges you as well. The tendency is to read authors who say things that we tend to agree with. Growth comes from reading books that you don’t agree with but you learn from.

Short answer to your question:
– Good to Great – Jim Collins
– 5 Levels of Leadership – John Maxwell
– The Start-Up Revolution – Roche Mamabolo

OYE: What are the top 5 things a business today must know?

RM: Entrepreneurs need to stop looking for a step-by-step, dummies guide to their business. In order to be innovative, entrepreneurs need to make new rules, if you follow rules and want a 5 step to how to do things, you will never be creative.So my top 1 thing a business must today is: don’t follow the rules, make your own rules, let others follow you, that’s the way to innovative businesses, to be a game changer, a disrupter. Don’t look for a map, create your own map.

OYE: Please share your contact details for those who would like to get in touch with you for business.

RM: I actually would like entrepreneurs to be so successful that I’m the one who to want to get in touch with them. The idea is for me to follow them, it is about them. Otherwise they can get me on my

A link to Oyara facebook page:


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