Small is the New BIG: Everyone is not your customer


One of the great misconceptions of entrepreneurship is that your marketing materials should appeal to the largest number of people so you get maximum exposure. That way “it’s just a numbers game.”

That’s a misconception brought on by the industrial mindset that big industries use. What really works today is to “drill down” and find out who your real market is and focus your marketing materials on that group.


When was the last time you called your clients or customers and asked them what they like or dislike about your firm, products or services? What would happen if you asked them to fill out a small survey to help you give them better service and improve your product or service?

Targeting thousands and thousands of everyone when marketing a product is no longer marketing.

There is no product for everyone anymore.

Focus on the small niche and elite group of people, all great changes in the world started with a small niche group of elites, not the elites of wealth and materials, but the elites of passion and taste.

If you try to be everything to everyone, you will be nothing to no one. Your “ideal” customer is not simply a person who has cash and is willing to spend it with you.

A product for everyone rarely reaches much of anyone.

Go small in order to go BIG.


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