Imagine a Better World: Quiet


The past few months I have been privileged to be part of the LOC (Local Organising Committee) of TEDxGaborone. By its very nature TED is life altering experience. With the theme “Imagine a Better World,” speakers spoke about how a better world looks to them.

I was not a speaker at the TEDxGaborone conference but here is how a better world looks to me:

Our personal lives can sometimes feel like hardly that, personal. We are connected with people in ways we could never imagine, and we are always concerned with how we appear to others.

In the days of reality tv and uber-connectedness, sometimes it’s easy to imagine we are on display, like we are constantly being watched. And we want to be liked, so we are always, even in the privacy of our home, blending in with the crowd. We want the attention, we want our pictures and status updates to be liked.

It’s time to let go of being popular to find your own path. Do something outside of pop-culture, find a little known song or band that you like, or read a book that you have never heard of.

A better world means taking that little quiet road that’s hardly walked on by people, listen to the inner voice. A better world means doing what you truly love without expecting applause, gladly giving that speech without expecting a standing ovation.

Don’t let the crowd determine who you are and direct the decisions you make.

A better world to me means even if no one reads my blog, I will continue blogging.

Instead of being the sun with the buzz, hustle and energy of the day, maybe being the moon with its stillness, solitude and quietness is a better world.

Quiet space is incredibly important. Quiet mornings  of drinking nice tea, meditate, write, as the day grows light and the world is sleeping. Quiet spaces allow one to process their ideas, give their thoughts some space, reflect on life.

Is every minute one of quiet? No, the world wakes up and the noise starts, and I’m grateful for that, but the quiet is also in how I respond to the noise.

A quiet response is one that absorbs the force of noise, with compassion, and does not throw it back with equal force.

A better world means not being afraid of our own quietness, not having talk just to fill up the quiet spaces, a better world means being comfortable in our own quiet company and being able to have lunch on our own and not feel awkward.




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