Burning Bridges: The Cost of “Whatever it Takes”


In action movies, the starring, (the hero) does not mind destroying the aircraft, road or bridge he just crossed, because it is always a one-way trip.

Retreating armies used to burn bridges as they crossed them so those in pursuit could not follow them.

And that very mindset, the mindset of, “I am so focused on my goal that I am willing to push through this person, push through this relationship, push through this interaction, whatever it takes,” is precisely how we burn our bridges.

I get to hear entrepreneurs talking about kicking doors and doing whatever it takes at all costs to get opportunities.

The difference, of course, is that life is long and very few paths are only one way. You will need to come around here again.

A bridge well-crossed gets better over time. When you need to break it down to push through, you have not only hurt the person you trampled on, you have hurt your reputation as well.

Its important not do something permanently brainless just because you are temporarily upset or impatient.

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