R is for Remarkable: Ignore the Masses

Early Adopters

Instead of trying to sell to the masses, focus on grabbing the attention of the early adopters. 

In the beginning, the customers you attract are crucial, because they are going to be the ones who get the word out for you. In other words, don’t make your product average enough to work for the masses.

The idea is pretty simple, find a small group that cares, give them something remarkable and make it easy to tell their friends (the folks who don’t care as much).

Change is not ignited by the masses. The masses by character are followers. Change is ignited by few people who”gets it.”

These few people who gets it (the early adopters) happen to have a huge following.

If you want to launch a new 4×4, you need to make it so great that it appeals to Jeremy Clarkson, if he likes it, there is a huge possibility that people who follow Jeremy will take his advice and buy it.

When you launch a new product, try focus on the Jeremys, not the masses. The masses don’t ignite change, they merely follow.

The rules for launching a remarkable product are pretty straightforward:

  • Focus on the early adopters
  • Make it remarkable enough for them to pay attention
  • Make it easy for them to spread the word (to the masses)
  • Let it work its own way to the mass market


Early adopters are people, who are more likely to tell their friends about a great new idea. These people are the heart of the ideavirus. Identifying the early adopters is a key success factor for idea merchants. The early adopters will eventually enable your idea to “migrate to the rest of the masses.”


When you launch a new innovative product, ignore the masses. 

You need to figure out the group of people that is most profitable for your business and appeal to them. It would be even better if you work out how to develop/advertise/reward this group.


Launching remarkable products means talking to people who cares, customers who gets it, the rest (the masses) will follow.


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