It’s a Jungle Out There: You Either Eat or You Are Eaten


Whether you are running a startup, a family business, or a famous brand like MTN, you are all part of the jungle. You can be a small tiger with big teeth, or an aging rhino. The laws of the jungle apply to all. It really is a world of survival for the fittest.

Startups which prosper and succeed learn the rules of the jungle early, don’t make excuses, and don’t look for any entitlements. Does your startup have an understanding of reality, a real sense of urgency, and the overwhelming drive to innovation to make you the king of the jungle any time soon?

Animals have been taking care of business much longer than humans and they do it with instincts very few humans possess.

Yes, we can learn a lot from the animal kingdom. I have never really been an avid animal behavior student but recently when I went for game drives (Safari drives) I took a conscious decision to study and understand animal behavior, I have observed their lessons and been awed by them.

It’s a jungle out there. When animals wake up, the motto of the day, each day is you either eat or you are eaten. You outrun or you are outrun.

Animals don’t have a working week, they don’t know if today is blue Monday or lazy Sunday. They wake up and they hunt everyday.

If you want to eat… I don’t believe in greed, but we all need to make enough money to eat. This means building a revenue stream, and tuning your business model to produce healthy margins to keep your business alive.

I support being socially and environmentally conscious, but you cannot help anyone else if you don’t eat. You can’t give what you don’t have.

To survive the jungle you need to eat, Startups need to make money, it’s the number survival tip. I get to see amazing startup ideas, but if those ideas don’t have amazing revenue streams, it’s no point getting into business.

Lions hunt and eat Buffalos, snakes eat bucks, birds eat snakes, crocodiles eat impalas. Its normal, its natural, there is no shame in the game.

Entrepreneurs need to adopt the matra of making money and not feel ashamed about it.

Business is about making money, don’t be ashamed, it’s the nature of business.

Its a jungle out there, you either make money or you someone makes money out of you.

You are either digging for diamonds (sweating) or you are wearing diamonds (making money).


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