The Quiet Spot…


I went to a high school which was in the bushes. I used to have a spot where somewhere in the bushes that will be a quiet spot where I will spend a few minutes just sitting there and thinking, (fortunately there were no snakes). This was before I even knew about meditation or mindfulness but I knew if I spent some time in the quiet spot for a few minutes almost everyday, usually during lunch or in the afternoon, I will be able to cope with school and lonely boarding school days.

Whenever the pressure is high or when I missed home, I will go to that spot and just sit there for about 5 minutes or so. There was not amazing view from that spot, it was in the bushes, and had a small rock where I would sit, it was comfortable and isolated. When I passed matric and big farewell to the school, I went to spot to say a prayer of gratitude and farewell. I think about that spot all the time.

When I got to University, the habit of finding a quiet spot was deeply rooted in me. So I found myself a quiet corner at Res (student accommodation).

When I started working, I always found a quiet corner or spot outside the office as a refuge to clear my head when the pressure is on.

A few minutes of quiet time gives me the energy to persevere throughout the day.

No matter where I am, I always try find a quiet spot to listen and clear my thoughts. Driving long distance listening to music is another form.

Finding a quiet spot that’s free of interruptions has helped me to manage pressure, it might help you.

No need to go on a retreat to the mountains, a quiet spot and five minutes of peace is all it takes.





About Roche Mamabolo

Entrepreneur, Author, Dad. Passionate about Innovation and Creativity, Books, Poetry, Traveling, Theatre, Art, Music.
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