An idea that is too soon for its time….


…. Is better than an idea that is too late for its time.

When Johannes Gutenberg created the printing press, only 7% of world knew how to read.

One skeptic would have easily told him it is not a good time to invent the book, with 93% illiteracy rate in the world, there is no market for books. This would deprived the rest of the world of the ability to read books. Gutenberg had an idea that was too early.

The shoes salesman who went to desert and saw that most people there don’t wear shoes, and saw a huge market to sell more shoes. He had an idea that was too early.

Ideas often don’t fail because they are too early, they often fail because they are too late.

It is always ‘too soon’ for a new idea. You can be prepared but you can never be ready.

Is your current idea too early or too late?

Ps: Life before Johannes Gutenberg: books were only found in monasteries, educational places, homes of wealthy people, the bible was the primary text.  On 24 February 1455, he printed the Bible, the first mass-produced book that leads to a boom in the production of texts in the world.



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Entrepreneur, Author, Dad. Passionate about Innovation and Creativity, Books, Poetry, Traveling, Theatre, Art, Music.
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