#Revolution: … and the Love Revolution


We live in a conflicted world. All you have to do is turn on the television, listen to the radio and all you hear is conflict after conflict. No place on the planet is immune from conflict.

Whether you are in South Africa, China, Ghana, Russia, USA, Hong Kong or Italy, Japan or Mexico, as soon as you land, the first thing you will recognize is that there is conflict. No ethnicity escapes, no economical or sociological level escapes.

Whether you are as beautiful as a picture or as homely as pot, you do not escape the reality that there will be conflict somewhere in your life.

That is why it is a waste of time to be envious of other people, because the person you are envious of is dealing some conflict too. The person you wish you were like is dealing with something you cannot see.

So you might as well stop trying to be somebody else and decide to be the best of who you can be and endure whatever you have to endure until you succeed.

Wars, murders, racism, #feesmustfall, corruption, debt crisis, destruction, rape, abuse, molestation, trauma and crisis, are examples of a conflicted world we live in. People spend thousands and thousands of Rands to get married, and before they can pay off the credit card, they get divorced.

Integrity is in short supply, cheating has become our new normalcy. People are no longer fazed by the prospect of hurting other people.

The next wave of revolution that we desperately need is the love revolution. We need revolutions that are driven by love.

Love comes from honesty. Love comes from raw emotion and vulnerability. It comes from a desire to care and a desire to give.

Love is what happens when we open ourselves up to giving and receiving.

A team that trusts, respects, and loves as a result of openness, generosity, and honesty is one that changes the world. We express this love revolution by doing work that matters.

Making a difference is hard. The people that are doing work that matters are not doing that is popular, they are just doing work that changes some people.

Doing work that matters is its own rewards despite the knocks and criticism and the failure. The moms of the world are my influencers, the moms that have figured out how to raise kids that care.

The question is not whether you are capable of godlike work, of doing work that connects and touches souls, of doing the emotional labour, of being vulnerable, of imagining and creating a better world, of being committed even when you feel like giving up, of being loyal in the face of temptation. (you are.) The question is: Are you willing?

Giving up your attachment to what might happen…is an essential part of commitment.

Love is a commitment to a person, not to that person’s behavior. We need to be more committed to the world even when it’s not easy to be committed.

In a world where you can do anything, build a business that truly cares about its customers, employees, the community and the greater good.


In a world where you can be anything, be kind. 


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