Things that appear were not made from things that appear.


Whatever we are dealing with in the physical, did not start in the physical, it started in the spiritual realm.  You don’t have to be theologian to understand this, you can be a practical person and not have a thread of spirituality but still understand this.

You can understand that the house or office or any building you are in this morning did not start with concrete and steel. It started with an abstract idea in the invisible realm of somebody’s head. It started as an idea in someone’s head. Then she began to sketch down the idea on paper through an architectural design, then builders began to build what was written on the design, what was written on the design is a reflection of what was thought.

If you want to change the building, somebody has to decide in their mind to change it. Then draw up the specs to alter it, then renovate the building according to the specs that were drawn, which were drawn out of someone’s mind.

Whether you believe in faith or in God or not, you will realise that everything tangible, physical, touchable started in an intangible form.

The phrase “back to the drawing board” acknowledges that things that do appear were not made from things that do appear.



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