Scars we carry: The Loneliness Epidemic


Our natural inclination is to hide our scars. To them them locked in a dark room of our soul and put a normal brave face to the world.

At times our scars drives us to be alone, until we feel lonely in a world of 7 billion people.

The next time you feel lonely, disconnected or unappreciated, consider that unlike many other maladies, this one hits everyone. And unlike other challenges, this one is easily overcome by realising that you can cure the problem by connecting, appreciating and leading.

The minute we realise that the person sitting next to us needs us (and our forward motion and the value we create), we are able to extinguish their aloneness as well as ours.

I always encourage entrepreneurs to have a mentor, so that they don’t feel lonely in their journey. Your mentor will share her scars with you.

Often entrepreneurs will always that they are not ready for a mentor because they feel their stuff is not in order. The irony is if your stuff is in order, then you don’t need a mentor. If your business is doing well, you won’t even see the need to get a mentor.

I think “waiting for things to be get better” before you get a mentor is a form of hiding. I think it’s hiding your scars, hide them long enough you will ending up feeling lonely. On the outside, everything looks in control, but deep inside, there is a void, a subtle cry for help.

The entrepreneurship journey does not have to be lonely.

Scars shared is shame and loneliness halved. There is nothing more liberating than when your deepest burden has come out and no one is shaming you.

Often you will be pleasantly surprised that when you share a bit of your scar, the next person might have a similar or worse scar than yours. We all have scars.

When you shine a light, both of you can see better.


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