Scars we carry: Scars don’t make us failures


…. They are proof that we lived.

If we have come away from life scarred, instead of taking it as a bad sign, we should see it as proof that we have lived and that we have given life our best shot.

After we have been scarred, we always have the option to either give up, or keep playing the game until we win that world title we always dreamed about. So, instead of giving up the game completely, why not be proud of yourself and the fact that you tried?

Don’t be ashamed of your battle scars. Honor them. Don’t hide them. Instead, point them out to complete strangers, like that AU soldier did, and say:

“Sure, these battle scars were once open wounds that hurt. But they healed. They almost killed me, but hey, without these scars I would not be here today, making you this sale. I would not be here today helping you to see more clearly. Without these scars, I would not be here to finally send you on your way, impressed and delightfully surprised.”

Scars are the marks of the battles we have won.

I recently learned something mundane but very important: the scar tissue is stronger than regular, realise the strength your scar has…


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