At the beginning of the internet revolution in the 90s, back then there was no word wide web (www), there were three guys all in the internet space. They were, like other people watching this fascinating thing called the internet unfold.

They were all looking at the same thing.

The one guy (out of the three) is a writer and worked at a book packaging and publishing business, looked at the unfolding revolution and went to write a book about it and called it  Best of the Net.

If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. So to this guy the unfolding of the internet was a nail and all he knows is writing, so he looked at the situation and wrote a book.

At the same period of time, the other two guys looked at the same unfolding situation, partnered and created a search engine on the internet platform.

The one guy sold about a thousand books making a couple of thousands of dollars. The other two guys’s search engine made billions of dollars for them.

The guy’s name is Seth Godin and his book Best of the Net was not a run away success. The two guys are Jerry Yang and David Filo and their search engine Yahoo became a huge success at the time, until Google came along.

Seth, David and Jerry looked at the same situation but saw differently.

Seth saw a book that made him a few thousand dollars. David and Jerry saw a search engine that made them $80 billion richer.

Seth had the wrong specs on that cost him billions of dollars.

Currently the world is changing, we are witnessing the end of the industrial revolution and beginning of the Start-Up Revolution unfolding, WEF Africa in Rwanda recently called it the 4th industrial revolution.

You can look at the unfolding situation and decide to fit in and be like everybody else and pretend that the past will be like the future or you can stand out and see the opportunities and maximize them.

You can look at the unfolding situation and ignore it, decide to write a book or a blog article, or you can maximize the next bounce of the ball and start something.

To look and to see are two different things, even if they both refer to visual perception.

To look at something means to gaze your eyes upon or acknowledge its presence. In order to see, not only does one look at the object but he/she also understands it and pays attention to it.

A person who looks just lives as life passes him by, but a person who sees can find the beauty in the little things, can detect the next bounce of the ball, act on it and actually enjoys their life.

It is not what you look at that matters, it is what you see.

The question is not what you look at, it is what you see.

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