Rules list

If you play by those rules, you’re almost certainly going to lose.

“No great idea in its beginning can ever be within the law. How can it be within the law? The law is stationary.The law is fixed.The law is a chariot wheel which binds us all regardless of conditions or place or time. ” ― Emma Goldman, Anarchism and other essay

Market leaders make up the rules. They establish the systems and the benchmarks that a market plays by.

People who make rules, always ensures that they are leaders and everyone is else is a follower.

They call it “following rules,” which means you are follower, not a leader. Those who make rules, lead. 

Set-up your business in such a way that it creates new rules in your industry, it creates new ways of doing things, it changes how things used to work, that way you will lead.

And yes, a market leader can be a church, a political party, or a non-prot organisation.

Extract from: The StartUp Revolution: Fit In or Stand Out




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