Confusing needs and wants


When people have their basic needs met, it is not uncommon for wants to magically become needs.

It is our hardwired instinct to seek to fill unmet needs.

That pays off for any entrepreneur that has persuaded his market that they need what he sells.

Smart entrepreneurs have convinced you that your cellphone is a need instead of a want. You are absolutely convinced that you can’t live without your iPhone, or social media. 

It backfires when those ‘needs’ are seen for what they actually are: luxuries.

When you sell a want, you have to work harder, you must seduce the market, because wants are fickle, picky and not easily bullied.

Facing a book should be a daily need and Facebook an occasional want, unfortunately many people have confused the two: They need Facebook daily and want to face a book occasionally.

You need an apple a day, not an Apple.

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