Sooner or later, the critics move on…


Sooner or later, the ones who told you that this is not the way it is done, the ones who found time to sneer, they will find someone else to criticise, ridicule and shame.

Sooner or later, critics stop pointing out how much pride you have, how you are not entitled to make a new thing, how you will fail and certainly regret your choices.

Sooner or later, your work speaks for itself. 

Outlasting the critics feels like it will take a very long time, but you are more patient than they are.

For everyone trying to be creatively disruptive, to really innovate, to change the status quo in a significant way, to fix a broken system, to replace an unjust leader, to give voice to the silent, the shift those “social tectonic plates” … if you are persistent and patient, your day will come and the naysayers and critics will move on to criticise somewhere else.

Some people are unable to be happy for others.

My friend and business associate Dr Lucas Moloi recently blogged about people’s refusal to sharing good things, he says:

“People fail to share a smile when one does well without our help because we want it mentioned that it is because of us that they succeeded.”

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