The School Revolution: Are you an Artist?


How creative are you?

A lot of people don’t think they are creative. Every time they are asked to think outside the box, they get paralysed.

The reason people don’t think they are creative is because they think like intelligence, you are either born with it or not. I think it is not true.

I think just like everyone is intelligent, everyone is creative. I believe everyone is an artist. Not an artist in the terms of drawing pictures, or singing, but artists in terms of creating amazing, fresh original work.

I believe that that you creativity and intelligence are blood relatives. Once you know your area of intelligence, you are likely to be creative about it.

One myth around creativity is that only special people are creative. This is not true.

Everyone is born with tremendous capacities for creativity. The trick is to develop these capacities.

Creativity is very much like literacy. We take it for granted that nearly everybody can learn to read and write. If a person can’t read or write, you don’t assume that this person is incapable of it, just that she has not learned how to do it. The same is true of creativity. When people say they are not creative, it is often because they don’t know what’s involved or how creativity works in practice. They don’t know that as much as you can learn to read and write, they can also learn to be creative.

Creativity is something that you practice and learn over time.

Another sad myth is that creativity is the exclude domain of people in the arts, design or advertising. Even though these areas require a high level of creativity, so can science, maths, engineering, running a business, being an athlete, or getting in or out of relationship.

I believe everyone is an artist. Art is not only a painting. Art is anything that is creative, passionate, and personal.

And great art resonates with the viewer, not only with the creator.

What makes someone an artist? I don’t think is has anything to do with a paintbrush. There are painters who paint replications, or paint billboards, or work in a small village in China, painting reproductions. These people, while cool people, are not artists. On the other hand, Charlie Chaplin was an artist, beyond a doubt. So is Jonathan Ive, who designed the iPod.

You can be an artists who works with oil paints or marble, sure. But there are artists who work with numbers, business models, and customer conversations.

Art is about intent and communication, not substances.

The fact is that you can be creative at anything at all, any that involves your area of intelligence.

Are you creative? Are you an artist? I think you are, you just need to dig deeper inside you to discover your are of intelligence and creative spirit.

I have no doubt that you are capable of doing great work.

You don’t make art after you become an artist. You become an artist by ceaselessy making art.

I hope you will find the guts and confidence to explore your artistic spirits. It matters, you matter.

Ps: At Lora Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship we challenge our learners to be creative, to come up with original ideas that they can apply in their businesses.

Inside you is an artist you don’t know about. – Rumi

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