You are going to have to get ok with failing, with higher risk, with more creation than repetition and with more sharing than you might at first feel comfortable with.

But mainly you are going to leave the comfort zone of an age-old system. From now on, you are on your own, kid.

The industrial revolution is over.

Blaming the system is comforting because it lets you off the hook. But when the system is broken, we wonder why you were relying on the system in the first place

And find a way to stand out. That is how to get ahead: standing out, not fitting in; inventing, not duplicating. The new modus operandi rewards originality, remarkability and art.

The new safety zone is the connection zone. It’s time to change gears.

What you need today is not map, but a compass. You write your own map. As long as you are heading in the right direction, how you will get there will depend on your write you own map.

Be comfortable with being out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to do one thing daily that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Find your comfort zone, and leave it, everyday.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

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