For the one person who didn’t get the joke


The famous comedian is killing it at a club that seats 400. One guy in the back, though, is not laughing. He does not understand what the fuss is about, he does not get the joke.

Miles Davis was shunned by a few people in the audience, even at his coolest. There will always be that person who does’t get it.

The theater critic at the Pretoria State Theater might not like this play, the one that made people cry and sold tickets for years.

And just about every blog post and book listing collects a trolling comment from someone who did not like it, did not read it or did not agree with it (or all three) and is not shy about speaking up with a sharp tongue.

For those people, the message from the creator of the work is clear: “It’s not for you.”

Unanimity is impossible unless you are willing to be invisible.

We can be unanimous in our lack of feedback for the invisible one.

No one gets unanimous phrase. There will always be non-believers.

For everyone else, though, the ability to say, “It’s not for you,” is the foundation for creating something brave and important.

You cannot do your best work if you are always trying to touch the untouchable, or entertain those that refuse to be entertained.

“It’s not for you.”

This is easy to say and incredibly difficult to do. You don’t have much choice, though, not if you want your work to matter.

Some people are intent on not getting the joke, it’s not a reflection on you and the work you do, it is reflection on them.

Focus on those who get it, those who cheer you on, you owe it to them to give it your best for their belief and support in you.


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