Practice: Listening to yourself


When you talk to yourself, who is listening?

We have tried to marginalise the notion of multiple brains.

We cruelly ridicule schizophrenics and make fun of the notion of a split personality. But don’t we all have one?

Don’t we all talk to ourselves one way or another. The fact that we keep our monologues silently to ourselves makes us look dignified.

When you talk and listen to yourself silently we say you are smart because you listen to your intuition, but when you that process vocally, we say you have lost your mind.

One part of us wants to climb the steps, to leap, to fly, to make an impact. The other part, the more primitive one, wants to play it safe, to lie low, and to avoid failing.

One part tells us to start that business we have always dreamed of, the other part says “are you crazy, what if you fail?”

One part says stay, the storm will pass, the other part says leave nothing is going to change.

Our economy has worked overtime to emphasise and reward fear. Industrialists use fear to get people to submit to rules. If you don’t do this, you will not have a job, you will be homeless, you will starve and then die.

Practice enough of fear on people, they will fit in and once they do, give them a reward.

The reason industrialists wants you to fit in, is once you do they can forget about you. 

Those who talk and listen to their inner voice, are ridiculed as crazy and rebellious.

People expect you to listen to them first before you listen to your inner you.

Practice listening to yourself first before you listen to others.

The more you practice listening to your inner voice, the more you will know what your art to the world is, the more you will hear the tune you have to play in this world, the tune we are all waiting to hear.

As Mandla Mvelase says: “the world is waiting for your tune so that it can be insync.”

Until then, the world is not insync, something is missing.

Just because you are not fitting in does not mean you are schizophrenics.

Be careful how you talk to yourself because you are listening.

If you tell yourself to fit in, you will listen to yourself, and fit in. If you tell yourself to stand out, you will always have internal conflict every time you fit in.

Plug in your earphones and listen to yourself.



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