The StartUp Is You


Yes, the start-up is you and nothing but you. For you to be successful at creating an entrepreneurial company, something quintessential has to occur inside of you before you open your business’s doors, something I call the Moment of Inspiration, or that “sudden seeing.”

Learning how to see is critical in starting a business.

Being able to see things that other people don’t see is what makes entrepreneurs unique. 

When people see obstacles and frustrations, you see opportunities waiting to be seized.

The sudden seeing is the epiphany that happens when in one inscrutable, revelatory instant, the world reveals its secrets to you.

Before it appears in the physical realm, it all starts in the mind.

All of this is begin in the mind, heart, and imagination of an entrepreneur before anything else happens.

All of this begins through a process that usually comes about through an accident, an interaction, a confluence of forces no one intended, but that moved the momentum of the entrepreneur’s fertile imagination to pick up and take notice, and then to pursue whatever impression came to his or her attention to discover where that momentum was going.

It starts with the Dreamer, then the Thinker, then the Storyteller and then ultimately the Leader entrepreneur.

I hope you have your wits about you. I hope that your shirt is sweatproof, that you are not afraid of being denied entry, or of being let out should you somehow be allowed in.

I hope you have a good sense of humor and that your inner child does not feel too threatened by the StartUp challenges you will encounter.

Starting a business and growing it is not easy because it is hard work. Sometimes you will enjoy it. You will have fun. Other times you won’t enjoy it, it simply won’t be fun.

To create a miracle company, or a miracle life, takes a magnificent sense of the surreal. You have to be ready to see things that fly away faster than a thought, and capture them in your lens without skipping a beat.

Starting a business is thrilling and scary at the same time especially because the treacherously depressing fact is that most will fail.

Yes, that is the humbling fact of it all. That entrepreneurs, even the very best, will rise up, be possessed by some strange delirium of inspired thought, rise up some more, and then start running, thinking all the time, “This is it! By God, this is it!” only to discover as she is rounding the corner, that she is about to run into a wall! There is no denying it. It is a wall, and smack, too late! It’s a hit!

That is where Startups begins, and stops, and begins again: in the face of the wall. Pow! You are down for the count, and you have started to get up.

Now what? What happens when you have dusted yourself off?

That is the question:

Now what?

Now where do we go?

Now what is the next Big Idea waiting in the corner of your suddenly humbled imagination?

Are you ready to do that once more?

Are you?

Are you seriously ready to try again?

Well, let’s go at it.

Welcome to the StartUp world.

It starts with you, the StartUp is you.








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