What happens when you say no


I don’t think creativity is something that you are either born with or without, I think it is something that you decide to embrace or not.

I think we choose to be creative or not.

When people say I’m not a writer, it is choice they made. You can choose to embrace your creative spirit, and over time practice it until you are good enough.

You may not be good at everything, you may have your preferred domain, but you owe it yourself to be creative in your preferred domain.

When your creative genie knocks at your door, you decide to open the door and welcome it in or reject it. You either say yes or no.

What happens when you say no?

The simplest answer, of course, is nothing.

Once you say no, you are off the hook. The idea will eventually go away, congratulations, you don’t need to bother yourself creating anything.

To be clear, this is not always always a bad choice. True, you might sometimes decline inspiration’s invitation out of laziness, angst, insecurity, or sulky.

But other times you might need to say no to an idea because it is truly not the right moment, or because you are already engaged in a different project, or because you are certain that this particular idea has accidentally knocked on the wrong door.

Sometimes people say no to ideas because they are too busy making a living following the same daily routine.

I have many times been approached by ideas that I know are not right for me, and I have politely said to them:

No, not now. When the LORA academy idea visited me four years ago, I said no, not now.

The Vuka Advisory Board idea knocked on my door for two years because I gave in and said yes.

Sometimes when an idea visits me, I would say:

“I’m honoured by your visitation, but I’m not your man right now. May I respectfully suggest that you call up, say, Thabo next door?”

I have had ideas that have been knocking and continue to knock on my head even today and I have politely said no, not now.

Whatever your response, do be sympathetic to the poor idea. All it wants is to be realised. It is trying its best. It seriously has to knock on every door it can.

So you might have to say no.

When you say no, nothing happens at all.

Mostly, people say no.

Most people have unaware auto-tuned themselves to say no to ideas without even thinking.

Most of their lives, most people just walk around, day after day, week after week, saying no, no, no, no, no.

Then again, someday you just might say yes.

Someday I hope you say yes to that one idea, and do something about it.


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