Freedom is our problem and freedom is our opportunity.

When you have been caged, restricted or limited by forces beyond your control, freedom is something you long for. Freedom is an opportunity.

Often when people get freedom, be it to create, to work, to write, to ride, to make, to fly, they freeze and don’t know what to do because they are used to someone telling them to follow instructions and what to.

When given a blank page and pen, the first thing people ask is what should I do?

Why ask that question?

Because we are used to being told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, even when we are given tools and freedom, we still look for instructions to follow.

Not that we don’t have enough freedom but that we can’t handle the freedom we have. Or more accurately, we believe we can’t handle it.

Freedom brings the appearance of risk, freedom brings responsibility, freedom means we must make a choice.

Freedom can be a problem or an opportunity. I hope it is the latter.

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